Jacob was a cheater;

Peter had a temper;

David had an affair;

Noah got drunk;

Jonah ran away from God;

Paul was a murderer;

Gideon was insecure;

Miriam was gossiper;

Martha was a nerve wreck;

Thomas was a doubter;

Sarah was impatient;

Elijah was depressed;

Moses stuttered;

Zaccheus was short;

Abraham was old and

Lazarus was dead.

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.


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After service. 😁✌️ @rpalabastro  (at Starbucks Robinsons Forum)

After service. 😁✌️ @rpalabastro (at Starbucks Robinsons Forum)

"Your eating disorder is lying to you. Don’t believe a word it says.
You will not be happier if you lose weight, you will be miserable.
You will not feel better if you lose weight, you will feel like you are dying.
Your eating disorder will never tell you you are beautiful, it will never tell you the truth, don’t trust it, don’t indulge it. Don’t believe a word it says."
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